How to set up a Nano Brewery

Let us be up front, this is not something you can capture in one blog post – but my lord what a fun exercise it was in setting up a Nano brewery in a home office. First, Matthew whipped out his trusty pen and paper… we’re learning that Matthew is very fond of writing things down… and he showed us how all this kit is supposed to go together. Luke thought it was just like lego and threw the instructions away, which is why he was promptly told to sit back and be quiet.

After about 4 hours and several uses of inappropriate language, the kit was complete… almost. How do you power these things? A quick call to the local sparky and he had us assured we’re ready to go. This is where Luke made his exit and left Matthew to play with his new toy.

For those interested we used for our initial 50ltr set up. If you’re interested in our specifics hit us up on the contact page and we’re happy to talk you through it.