First brew

 In Our Journey

Our first brew? A NZ Pilsner, a nod to the crisp, refreshing flavours of New Zealand. Armed with an overconfident recipe and a mildly concerning level of enthusiasm, we dove headfirst into the brewing process. The scene was chaotic, with hops flying, timers buzzing, and a few too many taste tests “for quality control.” There was a moment when we questioned if we were brewing beer or orchestrating a kitchen disaster show. But as the aroma of malt and hops filled the air, we knew we were onto something special.

After what felt like an eternity of anticipation, our NZ Pilsner was finally ready. Pouring that first glass was like witnessing a miracle—a golden, bubbly miracle that tasted like hard work, community effort, and just a hint of New Zealand’s pristine landscapes. Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way (who knew you could actually boil over wort?), but our inaugural brew was a success.

Now for the clean up… my word… you thought sanitizing your hands during COVID was annoying, try sanitizing a whole brew house!

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